Plants for Shops, Hotels,

Bars & Restaurants

Inject fresh & vibrant style to your business


Plants for Retail

Whether you're a shop, hotel, bar, restaurant or something else entirely we have a bespoke collection of plants to enhance your space.

We'll embrace your vision and bring our expertise on what plants will be sure to transform your environment into the botanical look of your dreams.

Incorporating greenery and natural elements into a retail spaces makes them feel more inviting, which in turn decreases customer stress levels and increases their dwell time. Plants also help purify the air and increase indoor air quality, and they act as sound absorbers, reducing noise pollution."

— Joey-Michelle Hutchinson, associate vice president at CallisonRTKL.

We provide plants, pots and regular maintenance

for your business from as little as £30 per week.

If you're interested in plants for your shop, hotel, bar or restuarant, please get in touch with us using the form or email us on

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