Buy Aglaonema "Crete" - Chinese Evergreen | Root Houseplants

Aglaonema 'Crete' has vibrant leaves with pink red margins, they are elliptical in shape, sitting upon pink petioles. These plants are best postitioned in bright diffused light to maintain a bushy, more compact form and avoid full sun to prevent scorching the leaves.


Pot: 12cm

Height: Approximately 30cm from base of pot.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Likes warmth so try and keep above 15°C and away from draughts.


Light: Bright indirect light is perfect for this plant.


Water: The more light it gets the more water it will need. Water thoroughly during summer, allowing compost to dry out slightly between watering's. Reduce watering in winter.


Air humidity: Enjoys high humidity.


Propagation: Divide plants when re-potting.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.

Aglaonema 'Crete'