Alocasia gageana is part of the Araceae family and is native to Myanmar. A.gageana produce a thick stem with leaf stems pointing upwards. Leaves are large, flattened and arrow-shaped with wavy leaf margins. 


Pot: 21cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 80cm from base of pot.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Ideally 18-22°C.


Light: A very tolerant Alocasia which will thrive in full sun to partial shade. A mixture of filtered sunlight is best. 


Watering: This species prefers 'wet feet' so will require frequent watering, keep potting mix damp.


Air humidity: Above average humidity, over 65%


Fertilising: Feed once a month during the spring and summer, no need to feed in winter. Alocasia have a dormant period where leaves will fade and die - do not be alarmed when this happens. During this period, the plants will require less water, so simply moisten the soil from time to time and keep your plant warm.


Potting mix: Rich but well draining.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.

Alocasia gageana