Alocasia also known as “Silver Dragon”, is a compact plant (unlike its bigger cousins), however, its leaves, with their contrasting blend of dark and light greens, are just as attractive. This is a smaller tropical elephant ear that grows best in warm, moist areas and does especially well indoors.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.

Pot: 14cm

Height: 35cm




How do you take care of alocasia?


Take care of Alocasia "Silver Dragon" by keeping it in a warm room above 16°C. Keep its soil moist and be sure to not let it dry out. Sit the plant on a tray of pebbles to add some humidity, occasional misting can help keep the plant growing too.


How do you propagate alocasia?


Propogate Alocasia "Silver Dragon" by clump or division. Cut a piece of the underground rhizome using a sterilised knife or blade and then pot this separately. You’ll need to keep it warm and moist in order for it to grow into a new plant. 


How fast does alocasia grow?


Alocasias can grow fast during the summer, however this growth rate will slow during the winter. In order for the plant to continue growing at a good rate, it’s best to keep it in its optimum conditions. 


Can alocasia take full sun?


Alocasia can grow in full sun, however, its ideal growing conditions are bright indirect light in the winter and semi-shade in the summer.       


Can you root alocasia in water?


Alocasia can root in water and can even thrive indefinitely in a vase. If you choose to do this then make sure that the plant is kept out of direct sunlight (to avoid algae developing on the water) and change the water every few months, you can also add liquid houseplant fertiliser to encourage further growth. 


How often do you water alocasia?


Water alocasias before the soil dries out completely, but try to avoid overwatering it. These plants grow best in soil that is constantly moist, however, in order to avoid it sitting in water, you may wish to check that the 2-3 inches of the soil have dried out. 


How big do alocasia plants get?


Alocasia "Silver Dragon" can get 1 metre big if kept in the right growing conditions. 

Alocasia "Silver Dragon"