Asparagus setaceus is part of the Asparagaceae family and is commonly called Asparagus fern - it isn't a fern. This bushy evergreen is native to South Africa (it has been introduced to many sub-tropical areas around the world) and appears to have feathery leaves, however, these are flattened branchlets (cladode). 

The genus Asparagus comes from the Greek for plants sprouting edible buds from the rootstock and the specific epithet setaceus means bristly. 


Pot: 17cm diameter

Height: Approximately 45cm from base of pot

Ceramic pot not included.


Secrets to success


Temperature: 21°C is ideal, don't let it drop below 12°C.


Light: Bright indirect light is essential for A.setaceus, avoid direct hot afternoon sun as this may cause the yellowing.


Watering: Water regularly from spring to autumn as it is growing and prefers to stay moist. During winter, water just enough to prevent to mixture drying out completely.


Air humidity: Average humidity is fine but slightly higher humidity will do no harm.


Fertilising: Feed every two weeks during spring and summer, diluting synthetic fertiliser to half the recommended dosage. 


Potting mix: A well draining mix; coco coir, perlite or pumice. 


This plant is toxic.

Asparagus setaceus - Asparagus fern