Bark Candles


  • Hand crafted
  • Sustainable 
  • Soy Wax Candles






Our energising candle.


This blend has been created to bring you an overall better sense of mind, body and wellbeing.


Lemongrass - Helps to relieve stress and anxiety


Basil -  A natural tonic that uplifts & inspires your mood whilst keeping you alert.


Juniper berry - A calmative oil that releases natural antioxidants


Patchouli - Helps to receive & prevent colds & headaches. Providing feelings of relaxation.




Our balancing candle.


This blend has been made to balance & ground our emotions in these questionable times.


Sweet fennel - A carminative stimulant that was traditionally used in folklore to ward off evil spirits.


Basil - A natural tonic that uplifts, inspires and enhances your mood.


Patchouli - This oil is grounding, balancing & mood harmonising.


Cedarwood - Used in Tibetan temples for thousands of years this oil is emotionally grounding & promotes the feelings of safety and tranquility.




We chose this special blend for winter time to uplift & warm spirits during the cold months of the year. 


Eucalyptus helps to relieve seasonal colds. 


Geranium helps lift spirits during the long dark days of winter.


Ginger releases antioxidants.


Frankincense helps promote peace, relaxation and sleep. 


Together this is the perfect companion for the festive season.




This blend has been specially formulated to nurture your relaxation before sleep.


Clary sage - A natural anti depressant which induces a sense of well-being.


Lavender - The quintessential sleep aid to help promote relaxation.


Bergamot - Elevates mood while helping to alleviate stress.



At Bark we strive to create a thoughtful blend of candles made from 100% natural ingredients and essential oils. 


Each house scent has been hand crafted & created to compliment every essential oil specifically picked to release the most beneficial healing properties in one burn time.


We want our clientele to feel the highest sense of wellbeing when using our product to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.


At Bark we ethically source our products and ingredients solely from the U.K. to reduce our carbon footprint. Our essential oils are distilled locally, our rosewood wooden candle wicks are non-toxic, organic, eco-friendly & sustainable.


We proudly use a soy wax blend that contains no paraffins, harmful chemicals or carcinogens that are released into the air with synthetic candles. 


We hope to provide our customers with all natural, ethically sourced uk made products.


Burn time is 35-40hrs.



Bark candles