Brighamia Insignis is a critically endangered species but is also an easy-to-grow succulent plant that produces a sweet fragrance when it flowers. This plant’s thick trunk is topped with a rosette of shiny leaves which makes for an unusual and decorative houseplant.


Pot: 12cm hanging pot

Height: 45cm




How do you take care of a Hawaiian Palm?


Take care of Hawaiin Palm by keeping it in a bright spot in the winter and semi-shade in the summer. Keep this plant out of direct sun as this could lead to it shedding leaves. During the winter, ensure that it stays in temperatures of above 10°C and repot every couple of years, as the plant continues to grow. 


Allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering as the succulent stems store water - the plants need to be watered less than other houseplants. This plant is drought tolerant and stores water well in its trunk, therefore it’s not necessary to water frequently. Water when its soil is dry to touch and mist its leaves regularly to increase humidity. 


Does Brighamia Insignis need fertiliser? 


Feed Brighamia Insignis with fertiliser once a month throughout the year with a half strength, general-purpose feed. 


Should I prune my Hawaiian Palm?


You do need to prune the Hawaiian palm as its lower leaves will drop off naturally. If you wish, you can cut off faded leaves to improve its appearance, however this should be done with care as its milky sap can irritate sensitive skin.


Does Brighamia Insignis have a growing season?

The main growing season of Brighamia Insignis is during the winter months, your plant should start growing in August, with new leaves developing in the crown. The Hawaiian Palm enters a dormant state during the summer. Older leaves will fall off at the bottom of the plant throughout this plant’s growth cycle which helps form the characteristic succulent trunk.

Brighamia Insignis 'The Hawaiian Palm'