Calathea concinna was previously known as Calathea leopardina, it's part of the Marantaceae family and it's native range is thought to be Brazil. This cultivar 'Freddie' has lance shaped leaves with dark green stripes, leaf margins are a slightly wavy. Calathea have now been reclassifed as Goppertia.


Pot: 12cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 30cm from base of pot.

Ceramic pot not included.


Secrets to success


Temperature: 18-24˚C, keep out of draughts and avoid temperature fluctuations.


Light: Grows best in semi-shade; can tolerate light or filtered sunlight but avoid direct sun as that will bleach and burn leaves. 


Watering: Keep substrate moist, reduce watering in winter.


Air humidity: Higher humidity.


Fertilising: Organic fertiliser is best but if using a synthetic fertiliser, dilute to half the recommended dosage. Feed monthly during growing season. 


Potting mix: Less perlite, more peat or loam.


This plant is non-toxic.


Calathea concinna 'Freddie'