Calathea lancifolia (Goeppertia insignis) was recently reclassified to Goeppertia insignis, it is part of the Marantaceae family. It's native to Brazil where it grows in tropical rainforests and can grow to between 0.5-0.8m in height. This plant has smooth, glossy leaves which are oblong to lanceolate in shape with a wavy leaf margin. Leaves are striped with dark green markings in a zebra-like pattern; the undersides are dark purple.

Pot: 14cm

Height: Approximately 45cm from base of pot

Featured in Alicante pot 14cm, pot not included.



How do you care for Calathea lancifolia?


Care for Calathea lancifolia by keeping it in warm, humid conditions between 18-24°C and keep it away from draughts and cold air. These plants grow best in high humidity. Keeping them in dry conditions could lead to brown edges on leaves. Achieve higher humidity by grouping plants together, misting, using a humidifier and placing your plant on a tray of watered pebbles. During the growing season, feed monthly, use half the recommended dosage.


How often should you water a Calathea lancifolia?


Water Calathea lancifolia regularly and keep its potting mix moist (but not wet) during the growing season (between April and August). Reduce watering and fertilising in winter when plant growth typically slows down.


Does Calathea lancifolia need sunlight?


Calathea lancifolia need indirect sunlight to properly thrive. These plants are best placed in a bright shady spot. Avoid direct sun as this would bleach leaves, however, they can tolerate some early morning sun or diffused sun.


Is Calathea lancifolia toxic to dogs?


Calathea lancifolia is not toxic to dogs, cats or people which makes it the ideal choice for a family home. There are also plenty of other pet-friendly plants which can look beautiful in the home without causing your dogs or cats any health issues. 


Does Calathea lancifolia like to be root bound?


Calathea lancifolia do not like to be root bound, however, they rarely outgrow their pots so you won’t need to worry about repotting them. 


Should you mist a Calathea lancifolia?


Calathea lancifolia should be misted regularly in order to create a humid atmosphere that is similar to their native environment. If they are kept in environments that are too dry, the leaves may begin to curl and turn brown. 


How big do Rattlesnake plants get?


Rattlesnakes can grow up to 65cm from the base of their pot.

Calathea lancifolia