Calathea 'White Star' (Goeppertia majestica 'Albo-lineata') is part of the Marantaceae family and is native to the tropics of South America. 

They have oblong shaped leaves with a white venation on top and purple toned underside. This plant grows upright and you may notice it's leaves will close up at night and reopen in the morning.


This plant is non-toxic.


Pot: ø 14cm.

Height: Approximately 50cm from base of pot.

Ceramic pot not included.





How do you care for Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant?


Care for your Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant by keeping it away from hot or cold drafts, and never below temperatures of 21ºC. The colours of Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant leaves will fade in direct sunlight so keep it in partial shade. A well lit but sunless spot is great for winter. Compost should be kept moist at all times but reduce watering a little during winter. Use soft-tepid water when watering the Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant. It loves humid environments so mist the leaves regularly. 


Can you keep a Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant outside?


No you cannot keep a Calathea ‘White Star’. Never allow it to spend long in temperatures below 21ºC or direct sunlight because this can cause damage to it’s spectacular foliage. 


Is a Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant poisonous?


No, the Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant is not poisonous, however the sap from the plan can cause some skin irritation in people with sensitive skin or allergies.


Why is my Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant dying?


Your Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant may be dying due to several reasons. Never allow it’s soil to completely dry out as this will result in severe drooping and loss of leaves. If the environment which you keep your Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant’s air is too dry this can cause leaves to die and drop off. Mist leaves regularly. Keeping the Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant’s compost moist at all times is key but if left in excess water, root rot and rotting stems may occur. 


How big will my Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant grow?


Calathea ‘White Star’ Zebra Plant can grow up too 2ft. Their leaves can grow up to 9” in length and 3” in width. The leaves have pointed tips.

Calathea 'White Star'