Cereus forbesii is part of the Cactaceae family and is native to South America. It is thought that Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis' corkscrew shape was originally a mutation, the plant was then cloned and is now a popular cultivar. C.forbesii 'Spiralis' is a trunkless cactus that produces multiple, blue-green, spiralled stems. Stems have between 5-9 ribs and this species is considered a heavy bloomer. 


Pot: 11cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 20cm from base of pot.

Pot not included.


Secrets to success


Temperature: 16-24˚C, no lower than 10˚C.


Light: Requires bright light all year, as plant matures it will enjoy full sun but for now, place in bright indirect light.


Watering: Water when dry during the spring and summer, water less frequently during winter.


Air humidity: Low humidity.


Potting mix: Use a very fast draining mix; 60% perlite/pumice to 40% coir/peat.


Fertilising: Feed with a cactus fertiliser once a month during the growing season. 


This plant is non-toxic but it would make you say 'Ouch!' if you bumped into it. 

Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis'