Cissus rotundifolia is native to East Africa and is a vining plant. It's name comes from 'Kissos' which is 'Ivy' in Greek. It has beautiful, round leaves that are super shiny and waxy. Cissus rotundifolia has long tendrils that it uses to aid climbing. It is from the Vitaceae family so behaves like other grape vines - just without the grapes. 


Pot: 25cm pot

Height: Approximately 100cm from base of pot.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Between 10-35°C but prefers to be warm.


Light: Cissus rotundifolia is happy in partial sun to shade.


Water: Allow Cissus rotundifolia to dry out between watering.


Air humidity: Higher humidity will prevent brown edges on the plant.


Feed: All purpose houseplant food during the growing period.


This plant is non-toxic.

Cissus rotundifolia