Colcasia esculenta 'Aloha' is a cultivar from the US and is part of the Araceae family, Colcasia are usually found in tropical East Asia. These plants have large smooth leaves which are arrow-shaped with undulating margins and have distinct light green veins. 


Pot: 13cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 25cm from base of pot.

Pictured in a 14cm St Tropez Blue ceramic pot (not included)


Secrets to success


Temperature: 21°C and above, can tolerate down to 15°C.


Light: Full sun brings out the best leaf colour for this cultivar but be mindful of burning this beauty, bright in-direct light is best.


Watering: Colocasia are very thirsty; keep the soil moist.


Air humidity: Average to higher humidity, this can be achieved bygrouping plants together, misting, using a humidifier and placing your plant on a tray of watered pebbles.


Potting mix: Best grown in a fertile, humusy and organically rich mix.


Fertilising: Plants produce prodigious amounts of growth and need regular feeding during the growing season.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children. 

Colocasia esculenta 'Aloha'