Crassula rupestris subsp. marnieriana is a very slow growing succulent native to South Africa and Mozambique. It flowers in Winter, producing small pink or white flowers. 


Pot: 17cm

Length: 28cm


Secrets to success


Temperature: Room temperature is fine and in winter no lower than 10-13°C.


Light: Full sun is fine for these beauties but they appreciate some shade when it's really hot. They do well on a bathroom window ledge.


Water: Between spring and autumn, water the plants from the bottom but only water again when the soil really dries out. During the winter, neglect them a little - water every one to two months. Misting the leaves is a good way to water succulents as they don't need a lot.


Soil: Crassula need fast draining soil to prevent root rot, cactus mix works fine.


Re-potting: Re-pot when the plant is literally growing out of its pot.


Propagation: Take a sharp knife or scissors and cut a leaf from as close as you can get to the stem, leave it to dry out for a day. If the leaf is short then lay it on top of some potting mix, if the leaf is longer, you can plant it standing up in a pot. 


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children. 

Crassula marnieriana