Dieffenbachia is part of the Araceae family and is found in tropical and subtropical humid forests of Mexico and Tropical America. Leaves are oblanceolate (round apex and tapering base) with striking variegation. Sap burns the mouth and throat causing numbness and possible paralysis of the vocal cords. Sap can also irritate human skin and eyes.


Pot Size: 24cm

Height: Approximately 85cm from base of pot


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Temperature: Ideal temperatures are 15-24°C. Temperatures  below could lead to leaf loss. Avoid draughts.


Light: Most suited to bright indirect light with protection from direct sun. Watering: Water regularly during the Spring and Summer, but reduce watering from Autumn to late winter. Allow soils to dry between waterings.


Air humidity: Dieffenbachia need higher humidity to prevent browning edges but can tolerate some dryness. Increasing humidity can be achieved by misting the leaves, grouping plants together or placing the plant on a tray of watered pebbles.


Fertilising: Feed every 2-4 weeks during the growing period and every other month in winter.


This plant is very toxic, wash hands if sap goes on skin, seek medical advice if ingested by human or pet.


Dieffenbachia 'Cool Tigris'