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This palm is from the Arecaceae family and goes by lots of names, including 'Chrysalidocarpus', 'Areca palm' and 'Golden Cane'. It produces reed-like stems in clusters and from these, the stems carry arching fronds. They are native to the Philippines, Madagascar and South India.


Pot: 24cm

Height: Approximately125cm from base of pot




How do you care for Dypsis lutescens?


Care for Dypsis lutescens by keeping it in temperatures between 16-24°C. Temperatures above 12°C are essential for growth. This plant likes average humidity, some added misting or placing on a watered pebble tray will do. During spring and summer feed with Palm fertiliser or houseplant fertiliser. These plants like to be fairly pot-bound and are relatively slow growers so may only need to be repotted every 2 or 3 years.


How often do you water an areca palm?


Water an areca plant every 2-3 days, but let the soil dry a little between each watering in order to avoid suffocating the plant. This plant requires good drainage and hates having wet feet. During winter keep the soil slightly moist, then water more liberally in spring and summer.


Can areca palm take full sun?


Area palms should not be placed in full sun as this could lead to the plant drying up. Bright indirect or filtered light is ideal for D.lutescens. Plenty of indirect sunlight, in combination with a regulated watering regimen, will allow it to continue growing at a healthy pace, whilst retaining its moisture.


Is Dypsis lutescens safe for cats?


Dypsis lutescens is perfectly safe for cats, as well as dogs. The palm fronds can often act as a shelter for pets to rest beneath, but they won’t come to any harm if they do choose to have a nibble out of curiosity. 


How long do areca palms live?


Areca plants can live for up to 10 years, given the right growing conditions and regular trimming to ensure that it remains a suitable size for keeping indoors. By carefully pruning the mature plant, it’s possible to keep it healthy for the entirety of its natural lifespan.  


Can areca palm be planted outside?


The areca palm can be planted outside in humid, warm conditions close to its natural habitat. Unfortunately, the UK does not have the right weather conditions to support the areca palm, so it’s better to keep this plant inside, where it can be kept warm and moist all year round 


Does areca palm purify air?


The Areca palm is a natural air purifier, taking in carbon dioxide and turning it back into oxygen. It can also help to remove pollutants from the air and can contribute to producing more clean air for your home. 


Do areca palms grow fast?


Areca palms are not fast growers, compared to other houseplants. Their growth can be controlled once they have matured by careful pruning of their canes. Only prune canes from the plant when it’s certain that they are dead or damaged. Over pruning can kill this plant. 

Dypsis lutescens "Areca palm"