Euphorbia aeruginosa is part of the Euphorbiaceae family and is native to South Africa where it would typically grow in rock crevices. This plant has blue-green stems which are covered in red thorns. Flowers (cyathia) are yellow in colour and usually appear late winter, early spring.


Pot: 8.5cm

Height: Approximately 18cm from base of pot.

Ceramic pot not included. 


Secrets to success


Temperature: 20-28˚C and can tolerate spells of 10˚C.


Light: Bright indirect light with some shade.


Watering: Water when dry, allowing to almost completely dry out before watering again. Water monthly in winter as the plant is in a period of dormancy. 


Air humidity: Low humidity.


Potting mix: Very well draining, add perlite or pumice to the mix.


Fertilising: Feed once per month during the growing season.


This plant is toxic, latex sap causes severe skin irritation & eye pain, including temporary blindness that can last several days. All parts are highly toxic, possibly fatal, if ingested.

Euphorbia aeruginosa