Euphorbia erythraea forma variegata is part of the Euphorbiacae family, it is native to Eastern and Southern Africa. It is upright and an inverted umbrella shape, branches look candelabra like (this plant is sometimes called Euphorbia candelabrum). The stem is upright and slightly constricted at intervals to create segments. Spines are curved and horn-shaped. 

This plant is one of the more poisonous spurges; the latex is very bitter and acrid, containing diterpenes and is considered highly toxic. Sap causes severe skin irritation & severe eye pain, including temporary blindness that can last several days. All parts are highly toxic, possibly fatal, if ingested.


Pot: 17cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 50cm in height.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Spring and summer temperatures as high as 30˚C. Winter temperatures of 10-12˚C.


Light: Full sun and some light shade. 


Watering: Water regularly during the active growing season from March to September. Don't allow water to sit around roots. Keep almost completely dry in winter.


Air humidity: Average to higher during spring and summer, lower humidity during the winter dormant period.


Fertilising: Feed monthly during the growing season.


Potting mix: An airy mix containing clay, pumice, lava grit and minimal amount of peat. Prefers to stay in a smaller pot.


This plant is very toxic, keep away from pets and children.

Euphorbia erythraea forma variegata

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