Goeppertia elliptica is native to Colombia and French Guiana and is part of the Marantaceae family. ‘Vittata’ is considered a horticultural cultivar. Leaves are elliptical in shape with the upper surface a medium green, marked with white lines running parallel to the lateral veins. 


Pot: 12cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 30cm from base of pot.

Ceramic pot not included.


Secrets to success


Temperature: 18-24˚C, keep out of draughts and avoid temperature fluctuations.


Light: Grows best in semi-shade; can tolerate light or filtered sunlight but avoid direct sun as that will bleach and burn leaves. 


Watering: Keep substrate moist, reduce watering in winter.


Air humidity: Higher humidity.


Fertilising: Organic fertiliser is best but if using a synthetic fertiliser, dilute to half the recommended dosage. Feed monthly during growing season. 


Potting mix: Less perlite, more peat or loam.


This plant is non-toxic.

Calathea elliptica 'Vittata'