Hemionitis arifolia is commonly known as the ‘heart leaf fern’ due to its characteristic heart-shaped leaves that are instantly distinguishable amongst other foliage. Its small size makes it well suited to small spaces.


Pot: 12cm pot 

Height: 20cm tall




How do you take care of a Heart fern?


Care for a Heart fern by keeping it warm and moist with good indirect light. The plant should remain in temperatures above 10°C at all times, ideally between 15°C and 21°C. Its soil should be consistently moist, don’t let it dry out. Whilst watering should be done regularly, the plant’s soil should not become soggy, that could lead to waterlogging and root rot. Mist this plant’s fronds regularly. 


Why are my Heart leaf fern leaves turning yellow?


The leaves of a Heart leaf fern may turn yellow or dry out if they are not given sufficient humidity, or are exposed to bright light. Similarly, you may notice the plant withering as a result of being kept at too low temperature or if its soil is not being kept consistently moist. Ensure that the plant is kept in humid conditions and away from direct light in order to maintain its health.


Is the Heart leaf fern poisonous for cats?


The Heart leaf fern is not poisonous to pets or people, making it a safe and suitable addition to a home with pets or children.


Hemionitis arifolia "Heart leaf fern"