Hoya carnosa 'Albomarginata' are part of the Apocynaceae family and is native to India and other parts of Asia. Leaves are ovate with white and pink variegation. Flowers are star shaped, waxy and sweet smelling. The genus "Hoya" was named after Thomas Hoy, an English gardener from the early 1800s.


Pot: 10cm 

Foliage: Approximately 10cm in length.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Optimum temperatures are 18-26°C during spring and summer. Winter temperatures 13-15°C.


Light: Plenty of bright light is needed during the active growing season. Direct sunlight during the day is fine for a couple of hours or so.


Watering: Water thoroughly during growing season, allow to dry out a little between waterings, reduce watering in winter.


Air humidity: This plant requires moderate to higher humidity, this can be achieved by misting the leaves, grouping plants together or placing the plant on a tray of watered pebbles.


Fertiliser: Fertilise every 2 weeks during the growing season, half the recommended dilution.


Although deemed non-toxic, avoid contact with milky/white sap as it may cause skin irritation in certain individuals. Sap could make pets and children sick if ingested.

Hoya carnosa 'Albomarginata'