Hoya fungii Hoya pubicalyx is a cultivar from the Apocynaceae family. This Hoya grows well and flowers more easily than others; blooms are arranged in a cluster, they have a rich pink corolla and creamy coloured corona.


Pot: 10.5cm diameter

Foliage/Height: Approximately 40cm from base of pot.


Secrets to success


Temperature: 21-28˚C


Light: Bright indirect light but this Hoya can handle a little direct light.


Watering: Allow to dry out between waterings, we recommend potting into a terracotta pot to absorb excess water.


Air humidity: Prefers higher humidity but tolerates average humidity. Hoya grow faster in a more humid environment. To increase humidity group plants together, use a humidifier or place your plant on a watered pebble tray.


Fertilising: Feed every 2-3 waterings during the growing season.


Potting mix: A light well draining mix with added orchid bark for aeration; Hoya are epiphytes.


This plant isn't known to be toxic but would be best kept out of reach of pets and children, just in case.

Hoya fungii X Hoya pubicalyx

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