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Hoya linearis is a part of the Apocynaceae family and is unusually fuzzy and delicate. The slender, soft, grey-green stems bearing linear, hairy, grooved, blue-green leaves and clusters of fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers from late summer into autumn. Hoya will use tendrils to cling on to things around them.


Pot size: 14cm

Foliage: Approximately 30cm


Secrets to success


Temperature: Average to warm is fine, 16-24°C. 


Light: Hoya are best placed in a bright spot. 


Air Humidity: Average humidity is fine but to increase humidity group plants together, mist them, use a humidifier or place your plant on a watered pebble tray. 


Watering: Water moderately during the growing season and reduce watering in winter. Hoya don’t like to be sitting in water. They require intermittent drying out. If they don’t dry out—they’ll rot pretty readily. But if they don’t receive enough water—their roots will often dry out and die back.


Potting mix: In Asia, it is customary to grow Hoya in pure coco chips. Generally a potting mix with some coco coir, perlite and orchid bark is best.


Fertiliser: Feed Hoya every few weeks during the growing period.


These plants are not known to be toxic but keep out of reach just in case.

Hoya linearis