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Hey! I'm a Hoya Linearis and I'm a great trailing or hanging house plant. Under the right conditions my foliage can hang to over 1 metre. I'm from a family of succulent vines and love to grow on trees in my natural environment.



I'm in a 12cm pot and my foliages reaches 35cm in length.



I like to hang out in a spot that gets good light.



Direct light and too much water. Let me dry out.



I do well on an east-facing windowsill and I'm so easy to grow. Don't water me too much, I actually prefer to dry out. I love free draining compost so when you re-pot me use some cactus compost with added perlite.



I'm not known to be toxic but keep me out of reach just in case.




How do you care for a Hoya Linearis?


Care for your Hoya Linearis by keeping them in a humid environment like your kitchen or bathroom., or alternatively group with other plants. Allowing it to become a little root bound before repotting is actually great for the plant. A Hoya Linearis in a snug pot will flower more prolificaaly. Allow your plant to dry out before watering and ensure that it is potted in free draining compost like Cactus Compost. Keep it in temperatures above 10ºC.


Do Hoya Linearis like to be misted?


Yes, Hoya Linearis like a little humidity so misting it’s vines is great. Avoid misting near the pot as the plant prefers its soil to dry out before being watered.


How do you water a Hoya Linearis?


Use warm water and add it to the pot, allowing the excess water to drain out. A Hoya Linearis prefers it’s soil to dry out before being watered. In spring and summer it may need to be watered more often but you can reduce watering in winter.


How to propagate a Hoya Linearis?


Propagate your Hoya Linearis by cuttings of top growth or leaf cuttings. Pin down a stem, at the joint, in a moist rooting medium. Sever and pot the new plant when roots have formed. The average cutting or leaf will produce a blooming plant in two years or less. 


Can you fertilise a Hoya Linearis?


Yes, your Hoya Linearis will love a little feeding in spring. Fertilise using a liquid food, about every four weeks, three or four times during the growing season. This method will produce a vigorous growth. Withhold food during the winter. 

Hoya Linearis