Hoya memoria gracilis are part of the Apocynaceae family and are native to Indonesia, leaves are lanceolate and glossy. Hoya love to climb, they use their advantitious roots to reach and support themselves. Each leaf of the Hoya memoria gracilis is speckled with white flecks. When in bloom they produce fuzzy flowers with a sweet smell.


Pot: 14cm diameter.

Foliage: Approximately 30cm in length.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Average to warm is fine, 16-24°C. 


Light: Hoya memoria gracilis can handle 1-2 hours of direct sunlight and will be happiest in a bright indirectly lit spot. 


Watering: Water moderately during the growing season and reduce watering in winter.


Air Humidity: Average humidity is fine but to increase humidity group plants together, mist them, use a humidifier or place your plant on a watered pebble tray. 


Fertilising: Feed Hoya every few weeks during the growing period.


Hoya produce a milky sap laden with latex which is an irritant, keep out of reach of pets and children just in case.

Hoya memoria gracilis