Hoya australis is part of the Apocynaceae family and it's native range is N. Borneo, New Guinea to SW. Pacific.

Leaves are elliptic to ovate in shape and either glabrous or occasionally very slightly pubescent. The tricolour variety has beautiful watercoloured splashed leaves with new growth appearing a deep pink.


Pot: 12cm diameter.

Foliage: Approximately 25cm from base of pot.

Featured in Alicante pot 15cm.

Ceramic pot not included.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Average to warm is fine, 16-24°C. 


Light: Hoya australis can handle short periods hours of direct sunlight (not midday sun) and will be happiest in a bright indirectly lit spot.


Air Humidity: Average humidity is fine but to increase humidity group plants together, mist them, use a humidifier or place your plant on a watered pebble tray. 


Watering: Water moderately during the growing season and reduce watering in winter. These plants are very succulent so hold on to moisture well.


Fertilising: Feed Hoya every few weeks during the growing period.


Potting mix: Hoya are epiphytes so a very light and well draining organic mix containing bark would work best. Adding some activated charcoal to the mix is also a good idea. 


These plants are not known to be toxic but their sap is an irritant, keep out of reach just in case.

Hoya australis 'Bordvare Tricolour'