Lepismium bolivianum are part of the Cactaceae family and are epiphytic or lithophytic jungle cactus hailing from South America. The stems of L.bolivianum are flat and can grow up to a metre in length. In optimum conditions it will flower, these are usually pink or white.


Pot: 18cm pot

Foliage: Approximately 50cm in length





How do you care for Lepismium Bolivianum?


Care for your Lepismium Bolivianum by keeping it in a bright spot. In spring and summer, water when the top soil becomes dry to touch, but do not let it dry out completely. Check the soil by placing your finger 1-2" below the soil to test for moisture before you water.


How do I propagate Lepismium Bolivianum?


Lepismium Bolivianum propagation works best using cuttings from woody stems. Allow the cutting to dry over before planting. Propagation works best in spring to allow time for the growing plant to attach it’s roots to the new soil. 


Does Lepismium Bolivianum flower?


Lepismium Bolivianum will flower along the sides of the entire length of the stems on both sides. The flowers are relatively small and pink or white in colour. 


How often should you water Lepismium Bolivianum?


You should water your Lepismium Bolivianum when the soil becomes dry to touch. Check the soil by placing your finger 1-2" below the soil to test for moisture before you water. If the soil is dry then your Lepismium Bolivianum will need watering. Reduce watering in winter and try to use soft tepid water when watering your Lepismium Bolivianum. Ensure the plant has drainage and isn’t left sat in excess water. Use Cactus Compost with extra Perlite to prevent root rot.


How long does a Lepismium Bolivianum get?


Lepismium Bolivianum can reach lengths of 1m long. This means it is the perfect hanging plant or cascading shelf plant. Lepismium Bolivianum grow slowly, but with proper care and love they will thrive, so be patient and watch them grow.


How often does a Lepismium Bolivianum need to be repotted?


Repot your Lepismium Bolivianum every one to two years, depending on it’s size and rate of growth. Repot in spring, into a pot one size larger than the current pot. Always use a fast draining soil like Cactus Compost and add a little extra Perlite to avoid root rot.

Lepismium bolivianum