Macodes sanderiana is a terrestrial orchid from the Orchidacae family and its native range is New Guinea to Vanuatu. These plants typically grow on a forest floor in very warm and humid conditions. They have creeping rhizomes and elliptic shaped leaves with a velvety texture and sparkling veins. This plant blooms in the Autumn.


Pot: 6cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 8cm from base of pot.


Secrets to success



Temperature: Average day temperature 21-29°C, night time temperatures 16-19°C.


Light: Bright indirect light; can handle some lower light. Watering: Keep potting medium damp.


Air humidity: Higher humidity; growing under glass is ideal.


Fertilising: Feed foliar every one to two weeks during growing season - mist the leaves with a diluted orchid feed.


Potting mix: Sphagnum moss with some bark.


This is plant is non-toxic.

Macodes sanderiana