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Hi, I'm Maranta Fascinator Tricolour more commonly known as the Prayer plant. I'm very closely related to the Calathea, Ctenanthe and Stromanthe groups. My outstanding feature is my spectacular foliage, bearing coloured veins. I'm a low grower who tends to spread out rather than grow vertical. My common name of "prayer plant" comes from my curious habit of folding and raising my leaves of a night. I'm also know for my air-purifying qualities.



I'm in a 12cm pot and I’m 30cm in height.



Love warmth in winter, minimum 10°C please. I love humidity too so try and recreate this for me.



I hate direct sun and cold draughts. Keep me in a shady spot and away from any doors or windows.



I can be quite easy to care for if you keep an eye on me. I like average warmth and partial shade. Keep my compost moist at all times but reduce watering in winter. I prefer soft, tepid water please. Put me on a watered pebbled tray or mist my leaves regularly to recreate the humidity levels I love.



I’m safe for pets :)




How do you care for a Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant”?


Care for your Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” by keeping it away from hot or cold drafts, and never below temperatures of 21ºC. The colours of Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” leaves will fade in direct sunlight so keep it in partial shade. A well lit but sunless spot is great for winter. Compost should be kept moist at all times but reduce watering a little during winter. Use soft-tepid water when watering the Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant”. It loves humid environments so mist the leaves regularly. 


When should you repot a Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant”?


Repot your Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” every one to two years and wait until spring if there are no signs of root rot or wilted foliage. 


Why is the Maranta Tricolour called a “Prayer Plant”


The Maranta Tricolour is often called a “Prayer Plant” due to the fact that it’s leaves fold upward together at night, like praying hands. 


Is the Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” a Calathea?


The Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” is part of the Maranta group of plants that contains four closely related members - Maranta, Calathea, Ctenanthe and Stromanthe. They all have a similar outstanding feature in their leaves where their veins are coloured white on a background of blotches ranging from green to almost black. All plants in the Maranta group have the same warmth and humidity requirements but the Calathea range are much more difficult to care for, thriving better in terrariums or a bottle garden.


Why is my Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” not closing?


If the Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” has been in direct sunlight for too long it’s leaves may start to droop and their colours may fade. This will make it hard for the plant to close at night. Maranta Tricolour “Prayer Plant” will also not fully open if there is not enough light during the day.

Maranta Fascinator Tricolour "Prayer Plant"