Monstera deliciosa are part of the Araceae family and are native to Southern Mexico and Central America. These are terrestrial growing and are fantastic climbing plants, use a stake or sphagnum moss pole to support its growth. Leaves are large and heart shaped, leathery to touch and as they mature, they develop fenestrations. Monstera deliciosa develop aerial roots which they use to climb.

Pot: 19cm

Height: Approximately 70cm from base of pot.

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Are Monstera plants easy to care for?


Monstera plants are relatively easy to care for, but still require the correct balance of light, moisture and moderate temperature to thrive. They do not require pruning, however the use of a stake or pole can sometimes be used to support its continued growth upwards


How do I know if my Monstera needs water?


Monstera deliciosa will need watering from time to time, however, the soil can be left to dry out between waterings. The moistness of the soil can be checked by placing your finger a few centimetres deep, if it feels dry then it’s time to water the pot. 


How much light does a Monstera need?


Monstera plants should be placed near bright indirect light, to best stimulate the rainforest environment that it originates from. You can leave this plant next to a window that receives plenty of sunlight in order for it to keep growing naturally.    


Can Monstera tolerate low light?


Monstera plants can tolerate low light conditions, however, their growth rate will be hampered if they are not given the regular dose of bright indirect light that they are used to having, its leaves may also become perforated. Be careful not to leave the plant in direct sunlight, as this may lead to leaves burning. 


Is Monstera deliciosa poisonous?


Monstera deliciosa is poisonous to dogs and cats, so it’s best to keep this plant out of their reach. If you do have pets in the house, to be on the safe side it may be better to opt for a pet-friendly house plant (link) instead. This plant has not been reported as toxic to people, livestock or birds though. 


Can you eat Monstera deliciosa?


You cannot eat the leaves of the Monstera deliciosa, however when the plant grows in its native habitat it does produce a fruit which can be eaten only when ripe. The fruit looks similar to an ear of corn, and is covered in scales like a pineapple. The fruit is ready to eat when these scales lift up and the plant exudes a  sweet smell. 


Does Monstera deliciosa need support?


Monstera deliciosa needs support as it is a climbing plant which is naturally designed to grow upwards. In its natural environment, Monstera deliciosa detects when it is in the shade of a larger tree and will then climb up that. In a domestic setting a moss pole or other support can help to give the plant something to hold onto. 


Does Monstera deliciosa grow fast?


Monstera deliciosa can grow fast if given the right conditions to grow in. Given enough bright indirect light, enough moisture and moderate temperatures, this plant can grow up to In its natural environment. Monstera deliciosa can grow up to 20 metres tall, but you can prune it to ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand. 

Monstera deliciosa - "Swiss Cheese"