Monstera pinnatipartita Schott is a rare Monstera that hails from South America. This plant growns in the rain forests of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Monstera pinnatipartita was first recognised by scientists in 1857 and has been highly sought after ever since.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.


Pot Size: 24cm pot

Height: 60cm




Where should you keep Monstera pinnatipartita?


Keep Monstera pinnatipartita in a spot that gets moderate brightness or light shade. Avoid placing this plant on a sunny window sill or in direct sunlight, as this could burn the leaves. This plant grows best in average temperatures, at a minimum of 10°C. Active growth of my new leaves starts at 18°C. Ensure that this plant’s soil dries out in between waterings. 


How do you care for Monstera pinnatipartita?


Care for Monstera pinnatipartita by feeding with every other watering in the growing season and misting its leaves. Repot every 2 years into a pot about 2cm wider to keep ensure continual growth. Use supports like moss or bamboo sticks in the soil to direct its growth upwards, otherwise, the plant may grow sideways. 

Monstera pinnatipartita