Opuntia microdasys is from the Cactaceae family and its native range is Mexico. It is usually low and much branched, in it's natural environment it can reach up to 1 metre high. Cladodes are covered in yellow glochids; when dislodged they can be very irritating to the skin so be careful when handling this plant.


Pot: 17cm diameter

Height: Approximately 50cm from base of pot.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Up to 38°C in summer and winter temperatures between  7-13°C - this will aid flowering.


Light: Bright direct light all year except winter, when this plant needs to be moved to a place with partial sun.


Watering: Water in spring and summer, allowing the substrate to dry out between waterings, do not water in winter.


Air humidity: Low humidity; 10-30%


Fertilising: Feed monthly during spring summer - dilute fertiliser to half the recommended dosage.


Potting mix: A very fast draining cactus potting mix.


This plant is considered non-toxic, however glochids are irritating to the skin.

Opuntia microdasys