Parthenocissus amazonica is from the Vitaceae family. A relative of the grapevine and is native to the jungles of Brazil. The lance shaped leaves have grey veins and beautiful burgundy undersides. lt uses tendrils to climb and will grow fast in a humid environment. You may notice white dots on the leaves, don't worry, these are cystoliths - a harmless secretion. Parthenocissus amazonica can grow up to 15ft. 


Pot: 15cm pot

Foliage: Approximately 40cm in length


Secrets to success


Temperature: Daytime temperature 21-30°C and night time temp of 10-18°C.


Light: Shade to partial shade. Water: Keep soil damp. 

Air humidity: High humidity, 60% and above.


Soil: Well draining potting mix containing perlite, coir and bark. 


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.

Parthenocissus amazonica