Peperomia caperata 'Lilian' is a cultivar from the Piperaceae family. P. caperata is native to Brazil, leaves are coreacious and semi-succulent so this plant can dry out a little in between waterings. These plants stay fairly compact and are very easy to care for.


Pot: 12cm diameter.

Height: Approximately 30cm from base of pot.

Featured in a Milou ceramic pot (not included).


Secrets to success


Temperature: Constant temperatures 18-21°C, can tolerate short periods of 12°C.


Light: Bright, indirect light. A west or east facing window is ideal but be aware direct sunlight will burn leaves.


Watering: This plant prefers to dry out between waterings; leaf texture will change when the plant is thirsty.


Air humidity: Prefers higher humidity.


Fertilising: Feed every other watering during growing season.


Potting mix: A very airy mix to allow roots to breathe, include perlite, sand and/or gravel.


This plant is non-toxic.

Peperomia caperata 'Lilian'