This Pet Friendly Package is made up of Aeschynanthus pulcher 'Mona Lisa', Asplenium nidus and Ctenanthe amagris.


Aeschynanthus is part of the Gesneriaceae family - just like the African Violet. It is native to Thailand, Singapore, Sumatra and other parts of South East Asia. Leaves are fleshy, elliptic and smooth edged, they are arranged in pairs along a trailing stem. Flowers are red and tubular in shape and surrounded by a tubular calyx (an outer covering of the petals) and grow in clusters at the ends of the stems. (15cm hanging pot, foliage approximately 25cm).


Asplenium nidus is an epiphytic ferm and part of the Aspleniaceae family. It is often called 'Birds nest fern' and is native to Tropical Asia and Tropical Africa. Fronds are strap shaped and shiny, bright green with dark brown midribs. The fronds grow in an inverted cone shape, there is a nest like centre (hence the name) that collects falling debris. Sporangia forms in clusters on the undersides of fronds. (12cm pot, height approximately 25cm from base of pot).


Ctenanthe are native to tropical Brazil and are part of the Marantaceae family. The leaves are oblong in shape, pale grey-green in colour with dark green lines and purple undersides. These plants are often called 'Prayer Plants' meaning their leaves are erect at night and flat in the day. (14cm pot, height approximately 25cm from base of pot).


Pet friendly plant package