Pfeiffera monacantha is part of the Cactaceae family and it's native range is Bolivia to NW. Argentina. P. monacantha is considered a slow growing epiphytic cactus. Growth is spiny and erect, later becoming flattened. The specific epithet 'monacanthum' means “with one spine”, referring to the areoles which often bear only one spine.


Pot size: 14cm hanging pot

Foliage: Approximately 30cm approx

Featured in Charlie hanging pot, not included.


Secrets to success


Temperature: 18-24°C and above. 


Light: Morning sun and afternoon shade. 


Water: Water regularly allowing substrate to dry out a little in between. Reduce watering in winter. 


Air humidity: Prefers higher humidity. 


Potting mix: A mix containing some sphagnum moss, coir or orchid bark mixed in for drainage, these plants do not need repotting very often.


Fertilising: Feed monthly during the growing season. Dilute synthetic fertiliser to half the recommended dosage.


This plant is non-toxic.

Pfeiffera monacantha

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