Rhipsalis paradoxa minor is a trailing or hanging house plant that is in the Cataceae family. This plant is native to Brazil and is known to thrive in subtropical habitats. Kept in the right conditions, it foliage can hang to over 1 metre.


Pot size: 21cm
Height: Foliage reaches 50m in length




How do you take care of Rhipsalis?

Care for Rhipsalis paradoxa minor by keeping it in a spot that gets good indirect light, such as an east-facing windowsill. Although this plant is a cactus, its natural habitat is a tropical jungle, so it will thrive best in warm and humid conditions, such as a heated bathroom or kitchen. Keep this plant away from direct sunlight to avoid the soil drying out. 


Can you root Rhipsalis in water?

Rhipsalis paradoxa will not root in water. This plant requires moist, free-draining compost with added perlite to grow properly.


How do you prune Rhipsalis paradoxa?

Prune a Rhipsalis paradoxa only if you wish to curb growth, or if dead leaves are not falling off as they should. Take a sterilised blade, or scissors, and a bowl with nine parts water and one part bleach. Cut dead leaves by slicing between leaf sections, and then disinfect your blade by dipping it in the bleach solution between each cut. Only remove damaged end sections. 
Is Rhipsalis paradoxa poisonous?

Rhipsalis paradoxa is not known to be poisonous, however, you may wish to keep it out of reach of pets or children just in case. 
How do you water Rhipsalis paradoxa?

Water Rhipsalis paradoxa once a week, but before doing so check that the topsoil has dried out first. Although this plant thrives in subtropical environments, it is susceptible to rotting if it is overwatered. 

Rhipsalis paradoxa minor