Rhipsalis pilocarpa are epiphytic, jungle cacti endemic to Brazil. This plant is on the IUCN list as vulnerable, numbers are declining due to habitat loss and deforestation. 

They have cylindrical pendant stems which are dark green to purple in colour and covered in fine hairs. Their flowers are very fragrant and bell-like in appearance. 

These plants grow under the shade of dense, overhanging tree branches in their natural environment so will thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade. An indirectly lit spot could cause burns on their delicate leaves. 


Pot: 17cm

Height: Approximately 30cm from base of pot. 


Secrets to success


Temperature: 15°C and above. 


Light: Morning sun and afternoon shade. 


Water: Rhipsalis are not draught resistant, water regularly but no more than once a week. Reduce watering in winter. 


Air humidity: Enjoys higher humidity. 


Potting mix: A mix containing some sphagnum moss, coir or orchid bark mixed in for drainage, these plants do not need repotting very often.


Fertiliser: Feed monthly during the growing season. Dilute synthetic fertiliser to half the recommended dosage.. 


This plant is non-toxic.

Rhipsalis pilocarpa