Sansevieria have recently been reclassified to Dracaena. Dracaena masoniana 'Victoria' is native to Democratic Republic of the Congo and is part of the Asparagaceae family. These strong single blades are incredibly eye-catching. They can grow up to 4m and if grown in bright light they can form a stalk of white flower clusters. 


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.


Pot: 12cm

Height: Approximately 30cm from base of pot.




How do you care for a whale fin plant?


Care for a whale fin plant by keeping it in average room temperature, but be sure to keep it away from draughts. Moderately bright or filtered light is best for this plant; although it can tolerate lower light, a brighter spot would bring out the colours in the leaves. 


Allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. Then water until droplets come out of the drainage holes. Feed every few weeks in summer - half recommended dosage. Dracaena aren't big feeders and their leaves will fall if over fertilised. Use coco coir and cactus mix - a fast-draining medium is essential. 


How do you separate whale fin Dracaena?


Separate whale fin Dracaena when the plant is beginning to outgrow its pot or is becoming root-bound. Inspect the plant by removing the plant from its pot and seeing where you may be able to make divisions. Using a sharp, sterilised garden knife, make your cuts ensuring that each divided plant has a section of thicker roots to establish itself with. Repot each new section into its own pot with well-draining potting mix. You may need to use stakes or pebbles to lend each plant stability whilst they settle in.


Is Sansevieria masoniana a Dracaena?


Sansevieria masoniana is also known by Dracaena masoniana. The plant was named and classified as Sansevieria after its discovery in South Africa and Southern Asia, however, molecular phylogenetic studies have led to it being placed in the Dracaena genus, part of the Asparagaceae family. 


How big do whale fin plants get?


Whale fin plants can grow as big as 1.2 metres tall and up to 25cm wide.  


Is Dracaena masoniana poisonous to pets?


Dracaena masoniana is known to be mildly toxic to pets as it contains saponins. This chemical is produced by the plant as a defence mechanism against insects or fungi. Unfortunately, this chemical can cause gastrointestinal upset in pets, so it’s best to keep this plant out of their reach. 

Dracaena masoniana 'Victoria'