Sansevieria now reclassified to Dracaena zeylanica is native to Nigeria and tropical Africa. A perfect plant for beginners. It will grow in bright sunshine or shade, withstand dry air, draughts and periods without water, and it rarely needs re-potting. It can however, be quite easily killed by prolonged over-watering in winter and prolonged exposure to near freezing temperatures.


This plant is available in a few different sizes, 9cm,17cm and a 25cm pot.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Average warmth, between 15 and 23°C. Minimum 10°C for a short period. 


Light: Bright light with some sun preferred, but will grow in shade. 


Water: Water moderately from spring to autumn, allowing compost to dry out between watering's. In winter water every 1-2 months. Avoid wetting the heart of the plant. 


Air humidity: Average humidity. 


Fertilising: Feed every few waterings during the growing season.


Potting mix: A loose well draining mix containing some horticultural sand and perlite.


Propagation: Remove offset by cutting off at base, allow to dry before inserting in compost. You can also separate new shoots from the mother plants and pop them in water until roots develop.  


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.

Sansevieria zeylanica