Devil's Ivy is a vining species part of the Araceae family of houseplants and is native to the Solomon Islands where they climb high up the trunks and along branches of trees by attaching their fleshy aerial roots to bark. Epipremnum have leathery leaves which are almost heart shaped. 


Pot: 15cm 

Foliage: Approximately 25cm in length

Featured in Charlie hanging pot.

Ceramic pot not included.




How do you care for Devils Ivy?


Care for Devil’s Ivy by positioning it in a light spot that is protected from direct sunlight and draughts at a temperature between 18-24. This plant prefers environments with a moderate to high humidity, which you can create using a humidifier, regular misting and grouping your plants close together. Feed them every 2-3 weeks during their growing season with diluted fertiliser. 


Is Devils Ivy poisonous to cats and dogs?


Although beautiful, this plant is poisonous to cats, dogs and people, so we strongly recommending keeping it out of each anything that might want to take a bite out of it! 


How to water Devils Ivy?


Devil’s Ivy only needs a little water at a time, as it has a shallow root system. During the warmer months you should water more frequently, allowing the soil to go slightly dry in between watering. Avoid over-watering as this can harm the plant’s health. 


How fast does Devils Ivy grow? 


Devil’s Ivy is a fast growing plant that can grow up to a foot during its growing season (December-May). When grown inside, Devil’s Ivy can grow 6-8 feet in length, but if you find it getting too big then you can always trim it back to suit your space. 


How do you trim Devils Ivy?


Devil’s Ivy can be trimmed as much as required to suit your needs, but there are a few tips to pruning success. Examine the stems of the plant first and locate the horizontal lines where the leaves join to the main stem - this is the leaf scar. Select the leaves you wish to prune and then cut the stem half an inch above this scar. The more you prune, the more compact and bushy the plant will grow. 


Does Devils Ivy need sunlight?


Devils Ivy needs filtered light to grow properly, although it can grow in lower light, this may lead to vegetation loss or discolouration. 


Can Devils Ivy grow in water? 


Its possible to grow Devils Ivy in water but the plant we sell comes in our recommended blend of soil. We do not suggest de-potting the plant into water, as this may damage your plant’s health and could lead to it dying. 

Epipremnum aureum - Devils Ivy, Pothos