Curio rowleyanus is part of the Asteraceae family (the Daisy family). They are native to South Western Africa and is noted for its unique, almost spherical, tiny pea-shaped modified leaves which store water, minimize water consumption and help to facilitate plant survival in dry climates. The flowers they produce smell of cinnamon. 

It's important to not pour water on to the top of these plants as they form a dense matting with shallow roots and this could lead to rotting.


Pot: 14cm 

Foliage: Approximately 40cm in length


Secrets to success


Temperature: Optimum growing temperatures are 21-26°C. Winter temperatures 10-16°C.


Light: These plants prefer bright indirect light or bright filtered light.


Watering: Allow Senecio rowleyanus roots to dry out between waterings.


Air humidity: This plant doesn't require above average humidity - Don't mist this plant.


Feeding: Use a succulent fertiliser bi-monthly which has been diluted to half the recommended strength.


Potting mix: This plant is best grown in a dry, sandy, well-draining, cactus-type potting mix.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.

Curio rowleyanus - String of Pearls