Tillandsia usenoides is part of the Bromeliaceae family and is commonly called 'Spanish Moss' (it's neither a moss or from Spain). It is an epiphyte from tropical America, it typically wraps around and droops from branches or slabs of bark of host trees. It is grey-green in colour, and is made up of downward extending stems, often found in masses, and as long as 20ft.


Tillandsia are covered in absorbent furry scales (trichomes); they use these to take up water from humid air and obtain nutrients from airborne dust.


Length: Approximately 40cm


Secrets to success


Temperature and light:


Air plants need a warm spot with a few hours of bright indirect light each day.


Water: They require water that's lower in salt so I'd suggest using rain water or warm, distilled tap water. Mist them every other day. You can also dunk them in warm water just for a few seconds, shake them off - think of it like a quick rain shower.


Air Humidity: Tillandsia love humid spaces so the bathroom or kitchen are the best places. 


This plant isn't listed as toxic but keep out of reach of pets and children just in case.


Tillandsia usenoides