Tillandsia xerographica is part of the Bromeliaceae family and is native to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. This stemless plant is epiphytic or lithophytic and comprises of leaves spiraling to form a dense rosette. T.xerographica is grey in colour and is covered in trichomes which absorb moisture from the air. In it's natural environment, it would live on the middle of branches (where there are thorns) on a host tree where it would absorb nurtrients from decaying matter and water from axils. 

This plant is threatened by deforestation and invasive species, it is also incredibly slow growing. 


Size: Approximately 12.5cm across.


Secrets to success


Temperature: Average temperatures in native environments are between 22 and 28˚C.


Light: Bright filtered light but be mindful of sunburn. You can treat these plants to some real sun by taking them outside on a hot day.


Watering: Mist twice a week and submerge in tepid water every one or two weeks for an hour, shake the water off and place the plant upside down on a towel to dry off. Ideally use rainwater or allow tap water to settle overnight. 


Air humidity: Average home humidity is fine, unlike other Tillandsia, this species can tolerate incredibly dry air. 


Fertilising: Feed monthly during the growing season, mist with diluted fertiliser after watering.


This plant is non-toxic.

Tillandsia xerographica