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Anther + Moss Ceramics

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Grows well together...

Useful Information

Plant Bio

Anther + Moss

Anther + Moss was founded in 2020 by house plant enthusiast Timothy Sherratt, on the belief that you should never have to choose between beautiful pots and healthy plants.

Lack of drainage is one of the main reasons people struggle to keep their house plants thriving. Pots without holes are very unforgiving if you’re a little heavy handed with the watering can.

For that reason, every one of their beautiful handmade concrete plant pots has a drainage hole and comes with a matching saucer. Their concrete pots are poured by hand into handmade moulds.

This means that all the pots are unique, each minutely different from the next. It’s these differences - the slight imperfections - that give the pots their soul.

Perfect patina

Anther + Moss pots are handmade in concrete: strong, durable and resilient.

The unlined concrete pots are naturally porous, so absorb water from the soil and then let it evaporate. This means they’re great for plants that like to dry out between waterings.

A gorgeous patina will develop on the outside of the pots over time, creating an aged, natural look that’s always unique.

The coloured ranges - charcoal, ash and brick - are all lined, making them
waterproof and meaning that their colour remains consistent over time.

The Dalton

The simple curves of The Dalton add a touch of sophistication to any plant collection. Understated in appearance, it lets your plant do its thing.

Delivery & Returns


Please be aware that your plant may vary from the picture as this is a living item. Variations of shape and colour are perfectly natural and to be expected.  We will send you a plant as close to the picture and description as possible. The picture shown is an example of what's in stock unless stated otherwise.

Our plants are sent with a detailed care guide to help you look after them. You must provide the adequate conditions to keep them alive.

​Shipping & Delivery

We can only ship within the UK. Orders from abroad cannot be fulfilled and will be cancelled & refunded.

We pack and ship all orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to prevent plants waiting in transit over the weekend.

We do send all our plants via next day delivery, however couriers can sometimes take longer. 


We guarantee our plants 14 day from receipt.  We guarantee to send happy and healthy plants, however, it is your responsibility to care for them and we cannot be held responsible for neglect or mis care. Please send us a picture within 24 hours of receiving your plant and we'll help you out with your issue.

If returning your order, please keep all original packaging and use this to send the plant back to us. This will ensure the plant is kept as safe as possible on its return.

To allow the plant to acclimatise in its new home, there should be no repotting of the plant for a minimum of 14 days after receipt. If any plant has been repotted or a cutting has been taken then we are not able to accept returns.

We are happy to replace your plant if it is very badly damaged in transport. The loss of a leaf in transport on a healthy plant should not generally be cause for any concern. We cannot give a refund for snapped leaves.

Caring for your new leafy green friends

Dry Out

Dry Out

Please don’t put me on or close to a radiator, the heat will dry me out.



Take me out of any ceramic pots when watering to stop my roots rotting.



I need light to survive. Please give me light!

Cold Spots

Cold Spots

I don’t like draughts! Keep me away from any cold spots in the house.

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