Hello! I’m Lisa, the founder of Root House Plants.

I started selling these wonderful plants when I realised how difficult it was to find the right exotic plants for my new home at a sensible price.


My house plant shop in Liverpool is home to over 140 varieties of all shapes and sizes. Come and visit me some time, or step inside my online store to see what I have in stock. 

Our Promise

To source all plants ourselves and treat them with the love and care they deserve, before sending them to their new owners along with all the knowledge they’ll need to share a long and happy life together. 

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Our Story

Lisa had been harbouring a handsome collection of succulents and cacti at her home, however, she’d not been able to expand her collection due to the limited space at her disposal. Thankfully, when the time came to purchase her first home with her husband, there was more room for Lisa to indulge her horticultural impulses and now she had a partner in crime to support her habit!


Unfortunately, when Lisa went in search of new leafy members of their househould she was left disappointed with the few options available to her. She created Root to provide plant-lovers like herself with a shop that sells an exhaustive range of plants at a reasonable price. Lisa and her team personally ensure that all plants sold by Root are properly cared for - from her shelf in Liverpool right to your home, wherever you are in the UK.  


“Root House Plants opened up shop in December 2017 and since then we’ve been happily endeavouring to supply Liverpool and the rest of the UK with healthy house plants of all varieties. I'm proud that our little business has been featured by The Times, Visit Liverpool, Independent Liverpool, Living Etc and Liverpool John Moores University. Most of all, I feel privileged to run a business that combines my passion and knowledge for these amazing varieties, and the testimonials from our happy customers make it all worthwhile! 

Meet the team

Our team at Root come in all shapes and sizes (just like our plants!), but the one thing that they have in common is their passion and knowledge for the creatures in their care: 


Lisa is the owner of Root Houseplants; she loves plants and pups.


Lisa is an Aroid addict and if she had to pick her favourite it would be her Philodendron 'Florida Ghost' or Philodendron verrucosum. When she's not in the shop she'll most likely be at home with her sausage dog Bubs, or watching cooking shows in her pyjamas!


Francesca is Lisa's sister-in-law and she's in charge of the warehouse and online side of things for Root. She makes sure all your orders get to you on time and as safe as possible.


She has many strings to her bow including content creator, photographer, PA and all round good gal. We love Fran. Her hobbies include climbing, walking and playing with pups!


Sam and Lisa met at an organised sausage dog walk...anyone sensing a theme here?


Sam has two sausage dogs and you've probably seen them on our feed, Dexter is the dapple dude and Autumn is the blonde babe.


Sam works occasional hours in the shop and pop-up events. She's always there to help you make the right decision when picking out your plant babies. 


Steve is Lisa's father-in-law and he's the plant maintenance guy.


He features on our stories all the time. He looks after all the plants we've provided local businesses, making sure they're always thriving and always looking their best.