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Bespoke Houseplant Design

Indoor Plant Design For Your Home

Bespoke Houseplant Design

Created by nature, curated by us! At Root, we have a huge variety of houseplants available to help bring a touch of the outdoors, indoors. Perhaps you want to add texture and colour to your space or are looking for ways to implement natural elements in certain areas; either way, rest assured that Root can help.

Our handy team of plant professionals can help you develop indoor plant displays to make an impact. With a vast selection of indoor plants ready and waiting to be added to your living space, we encourage you to consider Root for a bespoke houseplant design.

Enhancing Your Surroundings

Biophilic design is more than just a trend. We believe that plants can really enhance our surroundings, whether indoors or out. We understand the importance of implementing vibrant greenery across either your home or commercial space.

From living spaces to work settings, plants help to create a sense of calm while adding style and aesthetics the same way furniture and decor do. 

Just as that statement piece of furniture gets people talking, so can plants! Houseplants provide an interesting focal point for your space. Take a Monstera deliciosa (swiss cheese plant) - a popular plant used across many interiors as an interesting focal point. 

Enhancing your surroundings is key, especially in the world of interior design. We implement our vast experience and knowledge of all things houseplants while you share your ideas with us. Plants offer an easy way to implement different textures to your space; we have a wide range of plants to consider for your next home or work-related project.

With years of experience working alongside professionals in need of advice and guidance when it comes to combining plants with diverse interiors, you can rely on the team at Root to elevate your space! Whether you require an abundance of plants or a few eye-catching succulents, rest assured that we can help.

Working closely with clients, we can assist you in picking the best-suited plants. Our team will assess your space to better understand the overall size we have to work with. This allows our team to decipher what plants will be most suitable and how they should be arranged.

We can group plants in smaller spaces while using bigger plants across larger areas. The snake plant is ideal for areas with low light, whereas succulents thrive best in brighter environments. We have a variety of pet-friendly plants, too, perfect for our animal-loving clients!

Working Closely With Interior Designers

We work alongside interior designers. Our creative and practical team can work with all interior designers, in hopes that our ideas can be combined to create a beautiful and bespoke space. Our creative solutions are innovative and eye-catching.

We provide everything you need to optimise any space while complimenting your overall vision and brand. So, if you're an interior designer, rest assured that you can rely on us here at Root for bespoke houseplant design!

Unlike faux plants, living plants enhance surroundings, turning a dull and drab room into a vibrant and welcoming abode. We encourage interior designers to reach out if they need assistance in creating plant-filled interiors.

Finding the Perfect Houseplants for Your Space

We have a wide range of plants available, suitable for different lighting and environments. Incorporating plants into interior spaces improves both aesthetic appeal and overall ambience, promoting feelings of relaxation and peacefulness - and who doesn't want that?

When used effectively, plants can help bring a boring space to life, enhancing surrounding colours while complimenting furniture and textures.

Here at Root, we carefully select plants based on your requirements while listening carefully when discussing existing interiors in your space. We take this vital information and use it to consider what plants will work best against certain colours and pattern types.

We take into account different lighting, working to find the most suitable plants that can thrive best in either a home or commercial setting. In addition to this, the team will consider humidity and maintenance; we don't want your new green-leafed friends to suffer in the wrong environments!

While taking these key considerations into account, our friendly and approachable team will remain on hand at all times to discuss new ideas or answer any questions you might have.

Choose Root for Bespoke Houseplant Design Today

Root is trusted for bespoke designs. Our invaluable team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating bespoke designs. We can work with your interior design team to create a tranquil space full of greenery!

Our team understand that plant upkeep can be tedious in some cases, especially if you've never cared for plants before. We'll equip you with everything you need to know while ensuring we pick low-maintenance plants for those who might not be able to care for their plants as often as required.

However, if you'd prefer to leave your plants in the hands of professionals, you'll be glad to know that we offer a handy maintenance service! So, whether you're an interior designer or just need our help creating a bespoke plant display, get in touch today! We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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5 Stars

Visited Liverpool in June and found Roots! Bought a satin pothos which has grown drastically and still a healthy, happy plant. The person who served me was very knowledgeable and gave the best care pictures. 100% recommend for all plant lovers, just waiting for more plants to come in stock online and order all the way from the northeast. Thank you!

Jess Prentice

Submitted a year ago

5 Stars

Epiphylum CV. Fruhlingsgold and Rhipsalis augdoensis arrived this morning. Both in great Condition and are slowly settling down in the Conservatory/ Orchid House. Today 30thApril Epiphylum ackermannii and Euphorbia triangularis arrived this morning. Once again in very good condition and again settling down. Am really impressed with the Service and how fast they seem to arrive. Am hoping to find some more exciting "finds" on Root_ Houseplants.

Janice Coates

Submitted a month ago

5 Stars

Friendly and professional service provided. Brought several times and evey time it was a pleasure as the plants received were lovely and healthy. Thank you so much.

M Mk

Submitted 3 weeks ago

5 Stars

I have purchased many plants online to add to my collection of 250. Root Houseplants has exceeded all expectations of many online sellers I have previously used. High quality plants, great roots and pest free. Excellent value for money, not overpriced. Packaging first class, fast delivery. Communication/cusomer service, updates first class. I wish I have found them sooner. Will be my go to retailer in 2024. Thank you Team Root.

Tina Shaw

Submitted 2 months ago

5 Stars

Really pleased with my plants and the care & information given by Lisa & Chris Had a slight issue and that was resolved immediately. Great communication and personal replies not just stock answers! Can't wait for the next restock 😁 Many thanks

Colin Dolding

Submitted 4 weeks ago

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