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Coffee + Kitchen


Plant Brief

Complimentary foliage for a Liverpool gem

CLIENT: Hardware

BUSINESS TYPE: Coffee Shop and Cafè

LOCATION: Renshaw Street, Liverpool

INSTALLATION: Root Houseplants

PLANT BRIEF: Mixed range of foliage to blend into the rustic chic decor.

PLANTS USED: Philodendron, Hoya, Spathyphyllum, Zamioculcas

DATE INSTALLED: November 2022

Long shot
Hanging plants
Statement foliage
Mixed foliage
Hanging plant installation
Mixed foliage

Rapid Hardware has played a significant role in the rich tapestry of Liverpool's historic Renshaw Street so when the new owners resolved to breathe new life into the building, we were delighted to join them on this exciting journey. The space itself is blessed with an abundance of natural light streaming through its expansive windows and commanding skylights, creating a truly captivating ambiance. As passionate plant enthusiasts, we couldn't help but be thrilled by the prospect of transforming this venue into a haven for botanical beauty. We carefully curated a delightful mix of diverse leaf shapes and vibrant colors, perfectly complementing the chic yet rustic decor.

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5 Stars

Visited Liverpool in June and found Roots! Bought a satin pothos which has grown drastically and still a healthy, happy plant. The person who served me was very knowledgeable and gave the best care pictures. 100% recommend for all plant lovers, just waiting for more plants to come in stock online and order all the way from the northeast. Thank you!

Jess Prentice

Submitted a year ago

5 Stars

Super friendly, love the shop!! Lisa is always happy to help with any questions and I wouldn't buy my plants from anywhere else now :)

Rafaela Dias

Submitted 10 months ago

5 Stars

Lisa is lovely to chat to and always so knowledgable about her plants! Prices are fair and there’s a wide selection to choose from. Gorgeous little shop!

Alex Sheen

Submitted 3 months ago

5 Stars

staff are so friendly and helpful!! i get all my houseplants here! reasonably priced and very healthy plants!!

Mollie Grant

Submitted a month ago

5 Stars

I've ordered from Root 3 or 4 times. I've only purchased their own grown/propagated plants and cuttings, all of which have been really fantastic and healthy growing in their own quality potting mixes. I highly appreciate this wonderful little plant shop!

Meaghan B

Submitted 2 years ago

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