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Living Green Walls

Ready for a statement piece that will make your venue come alive? Living green walls are a large vertical structure made up of a variety of plants that will instantly catch the eye in any venue. 

We use a patented LivePanel Indoor system that is a unique and innovative vertical green wall. These “living walls” encompass real living plants, adding natural greenery to work and living spaces and helping to create a healthier, happier indoor climate.

The LivePanel Indoor system transforms otherwise bare walls into attractive vibrant backdrops. LivePanel Indoor is a modular green wall system with exchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes have slots into which plants are placed. Each row of plant cassettes is placed in a gutter profile that also serves as a water reservoir. The plants absorb water from the reservoir through capillary action. The system can be installed against both new and existing walls.

LivePanel Indoor can be used in a multitude of vertical greenery scenarios. You can create their green wall to suit, both in terms of design, layout and plant choice. LivePanel Indoor is simple to install on many types of walls. The green wall brings an extra dimension to a room, is easy on the eye yet striking, and a real talking point for any interior.

Why choose Livepanel Indoor?

Vertical greenery takes up little space

Improves the indoor climate and air quality

Helps increase concentration, productivity and general well-being

Improves the acoustics in a room

Insulating and sound-dampening effects

Lowers stress levels

Unique features:

Available in any size

Choose manual or automatic irrigation system

Fully recyclable

Economical water consumption and no waste

Space-saving and slim system

Interchangeable plant cassettes

Easy and quick installation

Modular system

Allows freedom in design and plant choice


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5 Stars

The owner is great, she is lovely and always ready to give tips and suggestions to help your plants to have the best life possible. The plants are so well displayed and super healthy. Also, every pot has a QR code that you can scan and it directs you to a web page that gives information about that plant and how to care for it. Can't wait to visit again!

M Pizzolato

Submitted 6 months ago

5 Stars

I've ordered from Root 3 or 4 times. I've only purchased their own grown/propagated plants and cuttings, all of which have been really fantastic and healthy growing in their own quality potting mixes. I highly appreciate this wonderful little plant shop!

Meaghan B

Submitted a year ago

5 Stars

Visited Liverpool in June and found Roots! Bought a satin pothos which has grown drastically and still a healthy, happy plant. The person who served me was very knowledgeable and gave the best care pictures. 100% recommend for all plant lovers, just waiting for more plants to come in stock online and order all the way from the northeast. Thank you!

Jess Prentice

Submitted a month ago

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