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Neighbourhood pub


Plant Brief

Custom foliage for River North

CLIENT: River North

BUSINESS TYPE: Bar and eatery

LOCATION: Berry Street, Liverpool

INSTALLATION: Root Houseplants

PLANT BRIEF: Indoor jungle without compromising floor space.

PLANTS USED: Epipremnum, Philodendron, Lepismium, Ficus lyrata, Strelitzia

DATE INSTALLED: September 2021

Hanging plant installation

This Liverpool neighbourhood pub is famous for its fabulous cocktails and brunch menu. The client wanted plants, plants and more plants for this installation. From the initial meeting we worked closely with the owners and discussed how we could maximise its foliage potential without compromising the floor space. We recommended custom-built hanging plant frames which would do both. We designed and installed 7 large frames which turned this venue into a plant lover's dream. The huge windows at the front of this venue enabled us to use a wide range of plants that we were sure would flourish and grow with the business.

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5 Stars

The owner is great, she is lovely and always ready to give tips and suggestions to help your plants to have the best life possible. The plants are so well displayed and super healthy. Also, every pot has a QR code that you can scan and it directs you to a web page that gives information about that plant and how to care for it. Can't wait to visit again!

M Pizzolato

Submitted 6 months ago

5 Stars

I've ordered from Root 3 or 4 times. I've only purchased their own grown/propagated plants and cuttings, all of which have been really fantastic and healthy growing in their own quality potting mixes. I highly appreciate this wonderful little plant shop!

Meaghan B

Submitted a year ago

5 Stars

Visited Liverpool in June and found Roots! Bought a satin pothos which has grown drastically and still a healthy, happy plant. The person who served me was very knowledgeable and gave the best care pictures. 100% recommend for all plant lovers, just waiting for more plants to come in stock online and order all the way from the northeast. Thank you!

Jess Prentice

Submitted a month ago

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