Homalomena are part of the Araceae family and are native to Assam, Bangladesh, East Himalaya and Myanmar. There are nearly 135 species of Homalomena plants which are found in growing on the rainforest floors of south Asia. It's leaves are a beautiful heart shape and these are found on the end of red petioles.


This plant is toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.


Pot: ø 13cm.

Height: Approximately 40cm from base of pot.

Ceramic pot not included.




How do you care for a Homalomena plant?


Care for a Homelomena plant by keeping it in conditions that emulate its natural habitat. Optimal temperatures range between 16-32°C, and a sheltered spot with partial shade is also ideal. Average humidity is fine but to increase humidity group plants together, mist them, use a humidifier or place your plant on a watered pebble tray. Use a well-draining potting mix to avoid root rot setting in. Fertilize regularly with a liquid plant food used at the strength recommended by the manufacturer. 


Why are the leaves of my Homalomena rubescens turning yellow?


The leaves of your Homalomena rubescens may turn yellow if the plant given too much water. When watering the plant, the soil should be moist but not wet. If the leaves of your Homalomena rubescens start to turn brown then this could be sign that it is being left in a spot that is lacking in humidity. Burn spots may appear on the leaves if the plant is given too much sunlight. 


Is Homalomena toxic to cats?

Homalomena is toxic to cats as well as other pets and humans. Keep them out of reach of pets and children at all times.

Homalomena rubescens x Maggy